Rails with Jason

Rails with Jason

On Rails with Jason I talk with Rails developers about how they work with Rails. Guests include people like Ben Orenstein and Noel Rappin.

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    078 - StimulusReflex with Jason Charnes

    In this episode I talk with Jason Charnes about StimulusReflex. Jason and I cover what StimulusReflex is as well as some of the core concepts of the technology.

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    076 - Heuristics for Object-Oriented Design in Ruby with Tyler Williams

    In this episode I talk with Tyler Williams, Software Engineer at Home Game Poker, about the contents of a blog post he recently wrote entitled Heuristics for Object-Oriented Design in Ruby. Tyler and I discuss some of the ideas in his blog post, most of which came from Sandi Metz's book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby (POODR).

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    074 - Molly Struve, Site Reliability Engineer at Forem (Dev.to)

    In this episode I talk with Molly Struve, Site Reliability Engineer at Forem, about a variety of topics including performance, monitoring, types of incidents, dividing time between incident response and preventative work, and, of course, horses.

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    073 - [How I'd Build It] Building a Sailing Membership Feature with Adam Hawkins

    This is another How I'd Build It episode, where listeners send in their feature requirements and we discuss them on the show. In this one we talk about a sailing application where there's a need to keep track of whether members' payments are up-to-date. Adam and I also talk about the YAGNI principle as well as why it's not possible to have high-quality code without tests.

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    072 - Release Toggles, Feature Branches and Continuous Deployment with Matt Swanson

    It's commonly accepted that it's better to deploy frequently than to only deploy once in a while. However, an obstacle to achieving this ideal is when you have a long-running feature that can't be released until it's all the way done. In this episode Matt Swanson and I talk about the solution to this problem: release toggles, also known as feature flags.

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    070 - Determining What Tools You Need with Adam Hawkins

    In this episode I talk with Adam Hawkins about determining what tools you need for a project. Where should you host? Should you use Docker? Kubernetes? Ansible? We touch on some general DevOps principles along the way.

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    068 - Dave Ceddia, Author of Pure React

    In this episode I talk with Dave Ceddia, author of Pure React. Dave and I talk about some of the fundamental concepts of React, common libraries used with React, and how persistence and HTTP communication typically work in React apps.

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    067 - Rails, Ansible and AWS with Axel Kee, Author of RubyYagi.com

    In this episode I talk with Axel Kee about Ansible. Axel hosts his Rails application on AWS using Ansible as an infrastructure management tool, and so do I, so Axel and I compared notes on our respective setups. We also raised a recurring topic on the podcast: goats.

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    066 - Tom Rossi, Co-Founder of Buzzsprout

    In this episode I talk with Tom Rossi, co-founder of Buzzsprout, about his entrepreneurial story. We talk about Tom's agency, Higher Pixels, and the products that grew out of that agency, including the podcasting platform Buzzsprout and the healthcare-related product StreamCare.

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    065 - [How I'd Build It] Poker Turn Enforcement with Tyler Williams, Software Engineer at Home Game Poker

    In this How I'd Build It episode I talk with Tyler Williams about an interesting challenge in an online poker program. Tyler and I discuss what would need to happen in order to ensure that a player only gets a specific amount of time on his or her turn without the player being able to cheat the system. We talk not only about the technical implementation but also the costs of preventing cheating relative to the likelihood that someone would have the willingness and ability to cheat.

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    064 - [How I'd Build It] Third-Party API Interaction with Trae Robrock

    In this episode, the first "How I'd Build It" episode, my guest Trae Robrock and I discuss a listener question about interacting with the Active Campaign API. Trae and I touch on testing, VCR, service objects, Interactors, and our general approaches for dealing with third-party APIs.

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    059 - Keeping Rails Apps Organized with Tim Canty, Senior Software Engineer at VTS

    In this episode I talk with Tim Canty, Senior Software Engineer at VTS, about keeping Rails applications organized as they grow. Topics discussed include Plain Old Ruby Objects (POROs) and where to put them, Jason's enduring antipathy for service objects, and the pros and cons of using gems as a tactic for keeping code organized.

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    058 - Talking Technical Blogging with Ross Kaffenberger

    In this episode Ross Kaffenberger and I talk about technical blogging. We discuss the benefits that blogging can bring to your career, how to get started, and whether you need to wait until you're an expert to start blogging.

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    057 - Matt Swanson, Creator of Boring Rails

    In this episode I talk with Matt Swanson, creator of Boring Rails, about SPAs vs. traditional Rails apps, ways of structuring model code, POROs, service objects, Interactors, the merits of FormBuilder, and some other stuff.

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    055 - When NOT to use Rails with Noah Gibbs

    In this episode I talk with Noah Gibbs about when NOT to use Rails. We also talk about aliens, cephalopods, and several other pertinent topics.

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    054 - Third-Party APIs, Refactoring and Roller Derby with Brittany Martin

    In this episode I talk with Brittany Martin, Lead Web Developer at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and host of the 5x5 Ruby on Rails Podcast. Brittany and I talk about working successfully with poor-quality APIs, whether to extract application code into gems or not, and, of course, roller derby.

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    053 - Tim Cheadle, Director of Engineering at Resolve to Save Lives

    In this episode I talk with Tim Cheadle, Director of Engineering at Resolve to Save Lives. Tim and I discuss the app Tim works on, called Simple, which helps healthcare professionals in India and elsewhere manage hypertension patients' needs. We also talk about scaling issues and usability testing.

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    052 - Debugging Techniques with Chelsea Troy

    In this episode I talk with Chelsea Troy regarding the debugging techniques she shared in her recent RailsConf talk, "Debugging: Techniques for Uncertain Times". Chelsea and I talk about "progress mode" vs. "investigation mode", binary search, tests as scientific experiments, and, naturally, outer space.

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    051 - Developer Productivity with Itamar Turner-Trauring

    In this episode I talk with Itamar Turner-Trauring, author of The Secret Skills of Productive Programmers. We share a number of productivity tips including don't get stuck, don't work long hours, implement the riskiest part first, write down what you're working on, and much more.

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    050 - DevOps for Beginners with Adam Hawkins

    In this episode I talk with DevOps expert Adam Hawkins, who also appeared in episode 49. Adam and I talk about what DevOps is and how you can use DevOps principles to deliver better software faster.

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    049 - Testing Your Deployment Pipeline with Adam Hawkins

    In this episode I talk with Adam Hawkins about the concept of not just testing your application code, but testing your deployment pipeline so that you mitigate the risk of running bad deploys that take your site down.

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    048 - Chad Pytel, Developer and CEO at thoughtbot

    In this episode, packed with nuggets of wisdom, I talk with thoughtbot CEO Chad Pytel about the meaning of the terms "code quality" and "bad code", the ways in which poor-quality code comes into existence, how to add tests to a codebase that doesn't have much test coverage, and much more.

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    047 - Discussing Rails Deployment and Hosting Options with Nate Berkopec

    In this episode I talk with Ruby performance consultant Nate Berkopec. This time Nate and I talk not about Rails performance but about hosting options for Rails including Heroku, Convox and bare AWS. We also touch on infrastructure management tools like Kubernetes, Terraform and Ansible.

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    045 - Jeff Geerling, Author of Ansible for DevOps

    In this episode I talk with Jeff Geerling, author of Ansible for DevOps. Jeff and I talk about what Ansible is and why you would want to use it, some alternatives to Ansible and how Ansible is different, my experiences and Jeff's experiences with using Ansible, and much more.

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    044 - Cameron Gray, Co-Founder of Convox

    In this episode I talk with Cameron Gray about Convox which is a free, open-source tool to assist with deploying applications to various cloud platforms. Cameron and I talk about how Convox works under the hood and how to get started with Convox for deploying an application. Technologies we touch on include AWS, Elastic Beanstalk, ECS, Docker and Kubernetes.

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    042 - Docker and Kubernetes with Kelsey Hightower

    In this episode I ask Kelsey all kinds of noob questions such as "Under what scenarios should I use Docker?", "How does Kubernetes relate to Docker?" and "Can I borrow your toaster?" This is a great one for people who, like me, still have a hard time wrapping their head around Docker and K8s.

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    041 - Frank Rietta, Founder & CEO of Rietta.com

    In this wide-ranging discussion about Rails security Frank and I talk about the security value of keeping gems updated, the security risk of infrequent deployment, state-sponsored hacking, and much more.

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    034 - David Bryant Copeland, Author of Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails

    It's a challenge to keep projects organized as they grow and to sustain a high level of productivity. In this episode me and David Bryant Copeland talk about techniques we've used to accomplish this. Among other things, we discuss presenters/decorators/facades, service objects, OOP vs. procedural, and monoliths vs. microservices.

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    029 - AWS Deployment with Andreas Wittig

    Me and Andreas talk about various AWS deployment options including EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku (which uses AWS under the hood), ECS, Packer, Fargate, Ansible, Chef, and more!

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    026 - Adam McCrea, Creator of Rails Autoscale

    Me and Adam talk about his Rails origin story, his team's working style at You Need a Budget, 37signals advice, Adam's product Rails Autoscale, testing, and more.

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    025 - Jessica Kerr

    In this episode me and Jessica talk about documentation, working with large systems, and how we write tests.

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    024 - Michael Hartl, Author of The Ruby on Rails Tutorial

    I talk with Michael about various miscellaneous topics including evolution, Stephen Hawking, Tau (a number equal to two times pi), Michael’s time in Y Combinator, and Michael’s experience developing the Ruby on Rails Tutorial.

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    021 - Nate Hopkins, Co-Founder of CodeFund

    In this episode, Nate Hopkins of CodeFund joins me for a conversation about early-2000s JavaScript, Nate’s OSS project StimulusReflex, and the aforementioned CodeFund, an open-source funding platform.

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    020 - Rails Upgrades with Ernesto Tagwerker

    Ernesto is back and this time we're talking upgrading Rails, speaking at conferences, how to find freelancing clients, and how to assess code quality.

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    019 - Charles Nutter and Tom Enebo, Co-Leads of the JRuby Project

    Charles and Tom, co-leads of the JRuby project, explain what JRuby is, how it works and who it’s for. Our guests also patiently answer Jason’s numerous and excruciatingly fine-grained questions. Charles and Jason also discuss their respective endeavors for spicy food during their international travels.

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    017 Benedikt Deicke, Co-Founder of Userlist

    On today's episode, Benedickt Deicke and I discuss Ember + Rails as an architecture choice, starting a software project from scratch, some of our past failed business attempts.

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    016 - Richard Schneeman

    Richard Schneeman and I discuss his job with Heroku, rate limiting, inventions, refrigeration, peas, and the overlaps between mechanical engineering and coding.

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    015 - Mike Perham, Creator of Sidekiq

    Me and Mike discuss, among other things, good use cases for Sidekiq, deploying Sidekiq to production, and side topics like what the JVM is and what threads are.

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    008 - Maintaining Large Rails Applications with Ernesto Tagwerker

    In this episode, Ernesto Tagwerker and I discuss how we approach working on large Rails applications, methods for writing useful tests in a large application setting, and we extend an invitation to join us for some Nashville hot chicken in August at Southeast Ruby.

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    003 - Rails Security with Frank Rietta

    Today, Frank Rietta and I discuss common application vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top Ten and basic steps you can take to secure your Rails code as part of your development process.

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    001 - Ben Orenstein, Co-Founder of Tuple

    On my premiere episode, I talk with Ben Orenstein about refactoring, forms in Rails, the pros and cons of inheritance, levels of abstraction, and ActiveRecord callbacks.

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