Rails with Jason

Rails with Jason

On Rails with Jason I talk with Rails developers about how they work with Rails. Guests include people like Ben Orenstein and Noel Rappin.

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    055 - When NOT to use Rails with Noah Gibbs

    In this episode I talk with Noah Gibbs about when NOT to use Rails. We also talk about aliens, cephalopods, and several other pertinent topics.

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    054 - Third-Party APIs, Refactoring and Roller Derby with Brittany Martin

    In this episode I talk with Brittany Martin, Lead Web Developer at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and host of the 5x5 Ruby on Rails Podcast. Brittany and I talk about working successfully with poor-quality APIs, whether to extract application code into gems or not, and, of course, roller derby.

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    053 - Tim Cheadle, Director of Engineering at Resolve to Save Lives

    In this episode I talk with Tim Cheadle, Director of Engineering at Resolve to Save Lives. Tim and I discuss the app Tim works on, called Simple, which helps healthcare professionals in India and elsewhere manage hypertension patients' needs. We also talk about scaling issues and usability testing.

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    052 - Debugging Techniques with Chelsea Troy

    In this episode I talk with Chelsea Troy regarding the debugging techniques she shared in her recent RailsConf talk, "Debugging: Techniques for Uncertain Times". Chelsea and I talk about "progress mode" vs. "investigation mode", binary search, tests as scientific experiments, and, naturally, outer space.

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    051 - Developer Productivity with Itamar Turner-Trauring

    In this episode I talk with Itamar Turner-Trauring, author of The Secret Skills of Productive Programmers. We share a number of productivity tips including don't get stuck, don't work long hours, implement the riskiest part first, write down what you're working on, and much more.

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    050 - DevOps for Beginners with Adam Hawkins

    In this episode I talk with DevOps expert Adam Hawkins, who also appeared in episode 49. Adam and I talk about what DevOps is and how you can use DevOps principles to deliver better software faster.

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    049 - Testing Your Deployment Pipeline with Adam Hawkins

    In this episode I talk with Adam Hawkins about the concept of not just testing your application code, but testing your deployment pipeline so that you mitigate the risk of running bad deploys that take your site down.

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    048 - Chad Pytel, Developer and CEO at thoughtbot

    In this episode, packed with nuggets of wisdom, I talk with thoughtbot CEO Chad Pytel about the meaning of the terms "code quality" and "bad code", the ways in which poor-quality code comes into existence, how to add tests to a codebase that doesn't have much test coverage, and much more.

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    047 - Discussing Rails Deployment and Hosting Options with Nate Berkopec

    In this episode I talk with Ruby performance consultant Nate Berkopec. This time Nate and I talk not about Rails performance but about hosting options for Rails including Heroku, Convox and bare AWS. We also touch on infrastructure management tools like Kubernetes, Terraform and Ansible.

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