Rails with Jason

Rails with Jason

On Rails with Jason I talk with Rails developers about how they work with Rails. Guests include people like Ben Orenstein and Noel Rappin.

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    078 - StimulusReflex with Jason Charnes

    In this episode I talk with Jason Charnes about StimulusReflex. Jason and I cover what StimulusReflex is as well as some of the core concepts of the technology.

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    076 - Heuristics for Object-Oriented Design in Ruby with Tyler Williams

    In this episode I talk with Tyler Williams, Software Engineer at Home Game Poker, about the contents of a blog post he recently wrote entitled Heuristics for Object-Oriented Design in Ruby. Tyler and I discuss some of the ideas in his blog post, most of which came from Sandi Metz's book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby (POODR).

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    074 - Molly Struve, Site Reliability Engineer at Forem (Dev.to)

    In this episode I talk with Molly Struve, Site Reliability Engineer at Forem, about a variety of topics including performance, monitoring, types of incidents, dividing time between incident response and preventative work, and, of course, horses.

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    073 - [How I'd Build It] Building a Sailing Membership Feature with Adam Hawkins

    This is another How I'd Build It episode, where listeners send in their feature requirements and we discuss them on the show. In this one we talk about a sailing application where there's a need to keep track of whether members' payments are up-to-date. Adam and I also talk about the YAGNI principle as well as why it's not possible to have high-quality code without tests.

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    072 - Release Toggles, Feature Branches and Continuous Deployment with Matt Swanson

    It's commonly accepted that it's better to deploy frequently than to only deploy once in a while. However, an obstacle to achieving this ideal is when you have a long-running feature that can't be released until it's all the way done. In this episode Matt Swanson and I talk about the solution to this problem: release toggles, also known as feature flags.

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    070 - Determining What Tools You Need with Adam Hawkins

    In this episode I talk with Adam Hawkins about determining what tools you need for a project. Where should you host? Should you use Docker? Kubernetes? Ansible? We touch on some general DevOps principles along the way.

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